Kids and teenagers (under 18)
An orthodontic treatment is usually covered by the statutory health insurance. However, the insurance usually demands a deposit of about 600€ over the course of the treatment (48 months). For a more detailed assessment of the situation, you are welcome to arrange a non-binding consultation appointment.

Additional costs
The costs covered by the health insurance companies unfortunately only ensure an absolute minimum of care. Modern materials and new, digital, high-quality treatment concepts are not covered by the health insurance companies. Of course, if demanded by the patient, a treatment using methods and materials that are completely covered by the insurance is possible. Nevertheless, the philosophy of our orthodontic office is to treat all patients, no matter if private or state insured, equally, based on the latest scientific findings and with the best possible materials. This way we can guarantee a constant quality with the shortest and most comfortable treatment possible. We are also able to access many treatment methods and materials that are not covered by the statutory insurance companies, so that private co-payments are necessary. Examples are digital treatment procedures (3D scans, bracket positioning, ...), retainers, turbobites, sealants, pins with suprastructures, superelastic arche wires, self-ligating brackets, professional orthodontic tooth brushing, ...

Adults (over 18)
Treatment of adults is usually not covered by the statutory health insurance companies. An exception is made in the case of serious jaw malpositions that require additional surgical adjustment of the jaw. In this case, however, the patient has to cover a part of the costs. For a more detailed assessment of the situation, feel free to book an appointment for a non-binding consultation. Furthermore, for an initial assessment you can use our online questionnaire HERE.

Lateral Crossbite

A lateral cross bite causes a displacement of the lower jaw. This leads to asymmetrical adjustments in the temporomandibular joint. Therefore the growth of the jaws should be guided correctly by braces.


An enlarged step between the anterior teeth increases the risk of trauma of the upper anterior teeth. Therefore the growth of the jaws should be guided correctly by braces.

Anterior Crossbite

An anterior cross bite is usually caused by excessive growth of the lower jaw and impaires the proper tooth contacts and thus function of the teeth. Therefore the growth should be guided correctly with braces.

If costs are not covered

Supplementary Insurance
Please note: BEFORE your first appointment in our practice verify the possibility of having your costs covered by your supplementary insurance.
In the Waizmann table you will find a quick overview of benefits for all supplementary dental insurance plans. The following links will provide you with all information, evaluations and respective benefit overviews of the insurance companies:

Payments by monthly installments under 50 Euro
If the treatment is not completely covered by the health insurance, it can be financed interest-free in any case.
We will be happy to advise you on with an estimation of costs by the health insurance company. And we also offer various payment plans. 
Orthodontic treatment is usually covered by private insurance. Please contact your insurance company for information about your individual contract. If orthodontic services are included in your contract, the insurance company will ask for an initiall diagnosis (3D scans, photos, X-rays) in order to assess the coverage.

Am I a candidate?

With just a few clicks you can use our free BISS45 online check to obtain an initial non-binding assessment of your dental situation and the treatment options available to you, including the approximate treatment duration and costs.

Online appointment

Please use the online booking for new bookings only. For changes to your existing booking, please use the contact options from the confirmation email.

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