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What should you consider before visiting your orthodontist?

In this video Dr. Gebhardt reveals what  should be considered before visiting an orthodontist. What do I really want? This may sound banal at first, but it's often not as easy to answer as you might think.

Braces: when and what is covered by health insurance?

A very frequently asked question is "How much is an orthodontic treatment?". What does the health insurance pay? What do you have to pay yourself? In this video Dr. Gebhardt speaks about orthodontic indication groups, cost coverage and much more.

How often do I have to come to the practice during the orthodontic treatment?

In this video Dr. Gebhardt explains how often you have to go to the orthodontist depending on what kind of braces you have and in which phase of the treatment you are.

What are the differences between fixed braces? 

The question: what are the differences between fixed braces, is a very common one. In this video Dr. Gebhardt tells you more about fixed braces and what the differences are.

How do the treatment options differ between adults and teenagers?

Perhaps you are also one of the adults who are thinking about braces and asking yourself: Is it possible at all and does the treatment take longer than for children, what are the options? Dr Gebhardt has the answer.

Are orthodontic treatments still possible in adulthood?

Are orthodontic treatments still possible in adulthood? In this video, Dr. Gebhardt answers many questions about treatment options in adulthood.

Do invisible braces exist?

Do invisible braces exist? And if so, how do they work? Dr. Gebhardt reveals what invisible braces are and how effective they are.

Removable braces – what do I have to pay attention to?

Wearing time, eating, sports, cleaning – in this video Dr. Gebhardt speaks about some interesting facts of removable braces.

Are there differences between orthodontists and online start-ups?

The significant question of how orthodontists differ from online start-ups is explained by Dr. Gebhardt in this video.

Do wisdom teeth displace the anterior teeth?

For a long time, the assumption was spread that wisdom teeth displace the anterior teeth. Why this is not true and other information worth knowing are explained here by Dr. Gebhardt.

What is a retainer?

When the orthodontic treatment is completed, a retainer can be inserted. But what exactly is a retainer and what does it do? Dr. Gebhardt has the answer.

How do you become an orthodontist and why I became an orthodontist?

Dr. Gebhardt talks about how you become a specialized dentist for orthodontics and he tells us why he became an orthodontist.

Digitization in orthodontist

Dr. Gebhardt talks about the mega trend digitization. What is the impact of the digital transformation in orthodontics. How is it already being implemented in his practice? Answers to these questions can be found in the video.

What are aligners?

In orthodontics, we often talk about the so-called "aligner". Dr Gebhardt explains what is meant by this in this video.

Do the orthodontic treatments for children and adults differ?

Are there differences between the orthodontic treatment options for children and adults? Dr. Gebhardt has the answer to this. 

How long does an orthodontic treatment take?

The question of how long an orthodontic treatment takes on average is clarified in this video by Dr. Gebhardt.

BISS45 patients report

In the following patients report objectively about their personal experiences during a BISS45 treatment. If you also want to talk about your treatment, please contact us HERE.

What is it like to have fixed braces?

The decision for an orthodontic treatment is often accompanied by many questions. Do you see the braces? Does it influence social life? How can fixed braces be cleaned? In a personal conversation, Dr. Gebhardt answers these and many more questions from our patient Xu and she reports about her personal experiences.

How does the treatment with transparent aligners look like?

BISS45 patient Christian shares in a direct conversation with Dr. Gebhardt his personal experiences with transparent aligners and talks in particular about the initial phase of getting used to them and the effect of the treatment on everyday life.

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