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Temporary Anchorage Devises (TAD) 

TADs are small titanium mini implants that are inserted painlessly into the bone of the jaw to allow skeletal anchorage for braces. In this way, tooth movements can be supported and the treatment time can be shortened considerably in some cases. In addition, the mini-implants, which are not visible from the outside, offer an effective alternative to the less comfortable external braces (headgear).

Herbst Appliance

The Herbst appliance is a functional orthodontic appliance that is individually adapted to the patient's molars in order to correct the position of the lower jaw in case of a mandibular retrognathism when growth is almost complete. The Herbst appliance is cemented to the molars over the time of therapy (usually a few months) and can thus act continuously on the teeth and jaws without having to rely on the patient's cooperation.

Palatal Expansion

The palatal expansion is a fixed appliance in the posterior region of the maxillary teeth aiming at widening the upper jaw. Active part of the appliance is an expansion screw widening the upper jaw by up to 10mm over a period of 1-2 months. In this way, not only the upper and lower jaws can be adjusted to each other, but also positive effects on general health, such as improved nasal breathing, can be achieved.


The Delaire face mask is an orthodontic appliance for the treatment of jaw malpositions in children and adolescents. The appliance consists of a comfortable outer frame which is supported on the forehead and chin. Elastic bands attached to the appliance are connected to an anchoring appliance attached to the upper dental arch to stimulate a forward development of the upper jaw bringing it into the desired position.

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