Teeth move for a lifetime. Achieve long-term stability with a Lingual retainer

Scientific studies (Little et. al.) prove that teeth move throughout life. If the teeth are not held by retainers after treatment, there is an 80% probability that teeth will move causing visible changes. For this reason, we recommend wearing retainers to ensure a long-lasting smile.

Our concept to guarantee for a maximum stability of the tooth position:

1. Application of bonded lingual retainers

These are delicate high-precision wires produced in the laboratory, which are fixed to the inner (lingual) surfaces of the teeth with the help of a biocompatible composite to prevent undesirable tooth movements. The application of the retainers has no effect on speech, nor does it increase the likelihood of caries given oral hygiene is adequate. Lingual retainers have been used in dentistry and orthodontics for decades. The retainer connects the teeth in a force-transmitting manner, so that a change in the position of the teeth is impossible. This is necessary because the teeth can move throughout their life, also after orthodontic correction of malpositioned teeth.

2. BISS45 patients receive additional Rescue Retainers (night time aligners)

In addition, patients always receive individual removable night time aligners made of transparent plastic. We recommend wearing the rescue aligners every night at the end of the orthodontic treatment. After consultation with the orthodontists at BISS45, the wearing time can be minimized. However, the retainers should be worn at least once a week at night. If it becomes apparent that the Rescue Retainer no longer fits ideally during this time and there is a feeling that it is harder to insert or a feeling of tension in the teeth, we recommend increasing the wearing time to every night and as well as booking a control appointment at our office. This is often a sign that the fixed retainer has detached from the dental surface.

How much does a lingual retainer cost?

*However, there is usually a reason for a broken retainer such as the wearing time, premature contacts, material, technique etc. We recommend a repair by the colleague who manufactured the retainer since they can best assess the individual situation. 

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