It all comes down to the aesthetics

Invisible braces

Do you want a perfect smile without any of the aesthetic drawbacks? No problem. For this reason we have specialized in the therapy with invisible braces and are not only No.1 in Berlin but also TOP20 worldwide with the invisible lingual braces from WIN Lingual Systems.


Aligners are made of transparent plastic thus almost invisible offering an ideal wearing comfort without the need of metal wires and brackets. We partnered up with the worldwide market leader Invisalign to guarantee the highstest standards of quality for our patients

The conventional fixed braces

The conventional fixwed braces combine efficient tooth correction and high-quality materials offering attractive aesthetics with an unparalleled value for money

Additional appliances

Maxillofacial surgery

In adult patients (over 18 years) the growth of the jaws can no longer be influenced. Malocclusion is not only caused by a malpositioning of the teeth, but often also by an incorrect jaw position. For this reason, in extreme cases, a purely orthodontic treatment may not lead to a perfect result. In such cases, a combined orthodontic and surgical treatment is a possible alternative.


Insure your dream smile.
With our BISS45 concept we guarantee the maximum longevity for your perfect smile.

Am I a Candidate?

With just a few clicks you can use our free BISS45 online check to obtain an initial non-binding assessment of your dental situation and the treatment options available to you, including the approximate treatment duration and costs.

Overwhelmed by all the different types of braces? Let us help you with our BISS45 braces comparison.

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