We are the first Aligner Start Up in Germany since 2016

We at BISS45 were the first in Germany to recognize the patients' need for an affordable orthodontic treatment. For this reason we founded the first Aligner Start Up in Germany in 2016 called happysmile. After consulting several hundred patients, we found out that "online aligners" only meet the quality requirements of our patients in about 10% of cases. Before deciding on a treatment with an aligner Start-Up, please check the online reviews with 1-2 stars to be able to assess the actual quality of your future treatment. Since a malpositioned tooth always has a cause, it is usually important for health reasons to recognise this in order to avoid the risk of consequential damage. The movement of a tooth usually has an effect on the position of the neighbouring teeth and the teeth in the opposite jaw.

However, we at BISS45 can respond individually to all situations and offer you the ideal treatment for you. Thus Invisalign is often the method of choice for a perfect end-result. However, as we also have our own 3D laboratory with printers, scanners and a complex digital workflow, we can offer you an Aligner treatment at a lower price than any discount company, as we do not have to order the materials externally.

But what is the hype about aligners from the Internet?
Invisalign has been the largest manufacturer of aligners in the world for over 20 years. A few years ago the most important patents of the company expired and a worldwide hype founding  companies that sell aligners for tooth correction ignited. After happy smile, for example, several other companies were founded in Germany whose core competence is online marketing. However, the quality of the aligners cannot be compared to Invisalign. The only innovation in this area is that more and more companies are being founded that now want to establish themselves in the aligner market and are slowly gaining experience.

Whats an orthodontist?

BISS45 - Orthodontics in Berlin
An orthodontist is a dentist who has worked as a dentist after the successful completion of his or her studies and has subsequently completed at least 3 years of full-time training in the field of orthodontics. This special training must take place both in a specialist orthodontic dental office and in an university clinic for orthodontics. The training is concluded with an exam assessing the obtained skills. Only those who have acquired these qualifications can call themselves orthodontists or specialists in orthodontics.

Due to the experience and specialization in orthodontic treatments, an orthodontist is able to diagnose and treat malfunctions, vicious habits and maldevelopments in children at an early stage, to carry out individual and gentle therapies in children and adults, to recognize rare growth patterns and, if necessary, to react correctly in case of unfavorable tissue reactions.

Bei BISS45 Kieferorthopädie werden Sie von Fachzahnärzten für die Kieferorthopädie (Kieferorthopäden) beraten und behandelt. Unsere Spezialisten führen ausschließlich kieferorthopädische Behandlungen durch. Qualifikation, stetige Fortbildungen und viel Erfahrung sind in unsere Praxen in Berlin die Basis, um zusammen mit Ihnen ein wundervolles Ergebnis zu erzielen.

What is a dentist with a MSc in Orthodontics?

Every dentist is qualified to participate in a part-time training program for a Master of Science (MSc) in Orthodontics. Since this is not a full-time training program and no  year of work at a university hospital is required, this training involves a significantly lower proportion of practical treatment and thus experience compared to specialist training.

The Master of Science in Orthodontics can be obtained at an Austrian academy, for example. The training comprises 45 days with 10 lessons of 40 minutes each spread over five semesters. By comparison, the specialist dentist needs at least 3 years of full-time training to complete the course.

Often orthodontists and MSc for orthodontics work together in one practice.

What is a dentist with orthodontic focus of activity? 

Every dentist can put his main focus of activity on orthodontics and title it accordingly with "Tätigkeitsschwerpunkt Kieferorthopädie". A training with a final examination is not required for this.

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